Protecs Basic

Protecs Basic

Protecs is web based and connects to products of market leaders like Microsoft and Adobe Systems. In this way Protecs corresponds to the usual standards of our clients.

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Protecs Modules

Protecs Modules

Protecs basic, in which safety provisions, including check actions, are managed can be expanded with several modules.

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Protecs Cloud

More safety in the cloud

Protecs has a layered configuration (multi tier), which apart from a browser on the client has the necessary functionality for the metadata and the database server in the local network, intranet or in the cloud.

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Lance ICT Group pays great attention to research and development. Usually in the form of projects. The projects are mostly on current topics in our clients' line of business and therefore attracted our attention.

Who we are

Lance is a developer of software applications for safety management, more particularly for the management of functional safety in the process industries. Lance started activities in 1990 and has since then been highly successful in the process industries both in The Netherlands and abroad.

With its products and services Lance meets the requirements of companies that want to manage their process installations safely. The aim of these companies is to avoid the risk of causing damage to the health of their employees, but also to control the risks of serious environmental and financial damages and in this way reduce these risks to acceptable proportions.

Lance ICT Group enables businesses to assess and manage risks within their business processes with the objective to maximally reduce the risk of health, environment and/or financial damage.

Because it is technically possible more and more smart technical provisions and sensors are available, providing us with even more information, which makes it possible to predict, even before technical failure, when to repair or to replace.

Chemical Safety

Chemical Safety is achieved by undertaking all activities involving chemicals in such a way as to ensure the safety of human health and the environment. It covers all chemicals, natural and manufactured, and the full range of exposure situations from the natural presence of chemicals in the environment to their extraction or synthesis, industrial production, transport use and disposal. (source: WHO)

Machine Safety

Safeguards that are applied to both machinery and the operators who work with them. Examples are interlocks that stop a motor if a person gets too close, guards that cover moving gears and blades and goggles and protective clothing.

Healthcare Safety

The (almost) lack of risk for a patient of contracting physical and / or psychological harm as a result of the actions of caregivers not being according to professional standards and / or a failure of the health system (in accordance with definition NTA 8009: 2007 Research patient safety in the Netherlands, 2005-2009).

Transport Safety

Transportation safety is concerned with the protection of life and property through regulation, management and technology development of all forms of transportation.

Nuclear Safety

Nuclear safety and security covers the actions taken to prevent nuclear and radiation accidents or to limit their consequences. This covers nuclear power plants as well as all other nuclear facilities, the transportation of nuclear materials, and the use and storage of nuclear materials for medical, power, industry, and military uses. (source: wikipedia)

Food Safety

Food safety is a scientific discipline describing handling, preparation, and storage of food in ways that prevent foodborne illness. This includes a number of routines that should be followed to avoid potentially severe health hazards. source: wikipedia)


Can Tianjin turn this page?

Can Tianjin turn this page?

18 August 2015

The image above associates with the terrible accident in Tianjin. A growing amount of casualties are to be mourned.

Crane accident Alphen aan den Rijn

Crane accident Alphen aan den Rijn

04 August 2015

Everybody who witnessed the accident is rattled by it. A dramatic event. How is such a thing possible?


Clients - Our Partners

Our clients and prospects are active in various areas of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The need to know their risks while recovering, producing, transporting and storing harardous substances is what they have in common.

We are proud to present our partners and clients.