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Protecs Basic

Protecs is web based en connects to products of market leaders like Microsoft and Adobe Systems. In this way Protecs corresponds to the usual standards of our clients.

Basic license (up to 250 safety provisions): Supports capturing key data of safety provisions, scenarios and unwanted situations in accordance to IEC61511 and IEC 61508. The interrelationships between provisions, scenarios and unwanted situations can be coupled. The system validates key data, has extensive functionality for authorizations, extensive planning capabilities and basic reports.

Protecs, one system for multiple solutions

Protecs can be used for multiple types of serious risks in a facility: risk of Loss of Containment, for external risks and to manage machine safety provisions. Lance ICT Group has also launched a project to set up support of the ATEX-directives in Protecs.

Prior to an implementation of Protecs a data analysis is required in order to determine the conversion rules. Subsequently a conversion program is developed in consultation with the client. This ensures that the current data set of safety provisions is converted to the SQL Server Database of Protecs.

When a HAZOP is required, the Protecs Project module supports the analysis with the converted data set. For the HAZOP itself, we refer to specific consultancy agency. As soon as the dataset is updated in Protecs, the status of the safety provisions is converted to final design. Next Protecs will automatically bring the ongoing technical inspection planning up to date.

From that moment on Protecs supports the management of safety provisions in an audit proof manner and inspection procedure is active. With one touch of a button all necessary information is available to the user in different formats.

Protecs can be expanded with different modules, making an "all round" management of safety provisions possible.