Protecs in the cloud

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Protecs in the cloud

Protecs has a layered configuration (multi tier), which apart from a browser on the client has the necessary functionality for the metadata and the database server in the local network, intranet or in the cloud.

Safety is core business of the Lance ICT Group. It is therefore obvious that Lance ICT Group entered a framework contract with Interconnect not only for themselves but also for its customers and prospects. Interconnect operates two data centers, one in Eindhoven and one in 's Hertogenbosch. The data centers are connected to each other with fiber-optic cable, one being the backup of the other.

It is possible to manage Protecs in-house or in the cloud. Protecs in the cloud enables (partial) outsourcing of functional management of the software to Lance ICT Group and Interconnect. Switching to Protecs in the cloud is possible at any time. A Safety Level Agreement covers all eventuality.

Advantages of Protecs in the Cloud:

Almost 100% availability of the system due to the redundant provisions of Interconnect.
24/7 Professionally managed firewall.
Extremely fast response times based on an SLA..
Annual maintenance agreement with automatic updates also caused by legislative changes.
Possibility to (partially) outsource the functional management of Protecs.
Significant savings in management costs.