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Protecs Modules

Protecs basic, in which safety provisions, including check actions, are managed can be expanded with several modules.

Protecs Projects

The Projects module is used to carry out a modification project when multiple users need to simultaneously make changes to safety provisions. A selection is made of the relevant safety provisions and copied to a separate area so normal management can continue unimpeded. Is the project finished, after the correct authorization the status of the entire or part of the selection of safety provisions can be changed to final design. Protecs will automatically update the inspection schedule.

The project module can be used to support the HAZOP. The module ensure the transition from an existing dataset of safety provisions, in whatever format, to the Protecs SQL Server Database. Lance ICT Group supports the data analysis and ensures a flawless conversion.

Protecs Machine Directive

Within most chemical companies both safety provisions based on the prevention of Loss of Containment as to prevent damage caused by machines exist. In case of such a combination it is necessary to determine levels of safety (safety integrity levels / SIL). In this case two IEC guidelines (IEC61511 and IEC61508) apply. Protecs supports management based on both.

Protecs Audittrail

This module tracks the history of changes to safety provisions and the inspection procedures at user level. This way it is always possible to reconstruct the possible causes of incidents. It is important to evaluate these events and develop improvements on the basis of these events.

Protecs overrides

The planned inspection procedures of safety provisions is sometimes intersected by planned repair, calibration and maintenance of safety provisions. If this should occur during operation, additional measures need to be taken during decommissioning. The additional measures and procedures during decommissioning are supported by Protecs Overrides, guaranteing functional safety even if one or more safety provisions are unable to perform their task.

Protecs Macros

Protecs is provided with a sophisticated selection functionality. The user can easily use the select functionality in Protecs to make any desired cross-section in the dataset. The Macro Module enables to save and name frequently used selections. Each time the selection is required, one push of the macro button activates the required selection macro.

Protecs Training and instruction.

Our instructions and training are "to the point". Since Protecs has an intuitive interface, we can limit ourselves to the essentials of training. For this, instruction sheets and instruction videos are available in Protecs. During office hours our help desk is available to help out with any further questions. With the aid of a Skype-connection one on one aid or instruction can be provided and, if necessary the screen can be shared. Experience has shown that on-site training is rarely needed. Of course this is still available.